The Scenic Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley is wittingly dubbed as Australia’s wine blossoming district. It is made up of a number of regions. The area is actually very calm and beautiful. This calmness gives a tourist a feeling of tranquility.
The Hunter Valley hosts more than 150 of Australia’s top finest wines. It is estimated to have 80 wineries. This attracts wine enthusiasts nationally and internationally.

It also prides itself in the numerous varieties of wildlife it hosts in its world class national park. A tour in the Barrington Top National Park offers a very relaxing experience.

The colonial architecture of the town adds to its beauty. The museums too exhibit an exciting collection of articles. Besides the numerous multi-award winning restaurants in the Hunter Valley, there are magnificent vineyards for you to tour.
When it comes to food, the Hunter Valley is not left behind. It offers the exceptional taste of gourmet produce, including dairy products, olive oils and cured meat.

The hunter provides a wide range of relaxation options in its well equipped and indulgent spas. Besides these, there are other activities available like horse riding, historic village visits, hot air ballooning and golf.

By all standards, The Hunter Valley provides an experience virtually for everybody. To find excellent hotel deals check out Hotels Hunter Valley or

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