Newcastle Popular Attractions

One of Newcastles many hotels provide a great nights sleep and with such a varied amount available, to suit every type of budget.

Various different sights and attractions bring people to Newcastle. For sports fans, watch Newcastle Knights play their home games may be the main reason, or it may be to compete in the world famous beaches.

Brimming with culture and history, Newcastle has many different museums, play houses and theatres, offering a diverse range of cultural art.

As with all major cities, Newcastle has a thriving shopping district. Split into several different areas dependant upon the type of clothing needed, high street brands, catwalk fashion names and small, local retailers displaying their good in quaint boutiques are all easily accessible within the centre of Newcastle.

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5 popular attractions of Wollongong

Wollongong is a beautiful city located in New South Wales, Australia. Wollongong NSW attracts travel enthusiasts from all over the world. The city is very scenic and has plenty of beautiful attractions.

Let’s look at the 5 popular attractions of Wollongong NSW that draws plenty of travelers to it:

1. Port Kembla Beach:

This beach is one of the most beautiful and prestigious beaches of Wollongong. There is a surf club that overlooks the north of Port Kembla Beach. The surf club is accompanied by a large Olympic pool.

2. Hapuku Fishing Charters:

Hapuku Fishing Charters is another top attraction of Wollongong. A clean and comfortable boat is crewed by locally raised staff. You can go for fishing trips, whale watching tours or wildlife tours.

3. Wollongong Botanic Garden:

You can find an abundance of natural beauty here. The botanic garden offers plenty of activities such as guided walks, sunset cinema screenings and band recitals.

4. Nan Tien Temple:

This is a huge Buddhist temple situated amidst the rolling hills and the splendid gardens. You will be mesmerized by its grandeur architecture, culture and art.

5. Windang Beach:

This beach offers scenic views of the famous and popular Five Islands off the coastline of Wollongong.

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The Scenic Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley is wittingly dubbed as Australia’s wine blossoming district. It is made up of a number of regions. The area is actually very calm and beautiful. This calmness gives a tourist a feeling of tranquility.
The Hunter Valley hosts more than 150 of Australia’s top finest wines. It is estimated to have 80 wineries. This attracts wine enthusiasts nationally and internationally.

It also prides itself in the numerous varieties of wildlife it hosts in its world class national park. A tour in the Barrington Top National Park offers a very relaxing experience.

The colonial architecture of the town adds to its beauty. The museums too exhibit an exciting collection of articles. Besides the numerous multi-award winning restaurants in the Hunter Valley, there are magnificent vineyards for you to tour.
When it comes to food, the Hunter Valley is not left behind. It offers the exceptional taste of gourmet produce, including dairy products, olive oils and cured meat.

The hunter provides a wide range of relaxation options in its well equipped and indulgent spas. Besides these, there are other activities available like horse riding, historic village visits, hot air ballooning and golf.

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Hunter Valley Holiday

Why visit Byron Bay?

Byron Bay BeachesByron Bay is a small coastal town located an hours drive south of the Gold Coast. Byron is a favourite holiday destination for many families because of its stunning beaches and relaxed atmosphere. Byron is especially popular with young people with thousands of school leavers flocking there every summer for their annual ‘schoolies’ celebrations.

Without a doubt Byron’s most famous attraction is the Byron Bay lighthouse which is situated on top a small hill which overlooks the town. The lookout at the top offers stunning 360 views of the ocean and surrounding areas. You can get there by car or on foot but if you are considering the later option, be warned, its a steep climb.

The town offers kayaking tours, surfing lessons and deep sea fishing trips for those wanting to get out onto the water. For those keen to keep their feet on dry land their is a wide selection of walking and cycling trails to take advantage of.

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Cairns has a best fish in the world. Cairns northernmost shore is a place of luxury comfort, sublime eateries, and with a moderate complexity.

Salt apartment and eatery at Marina location have a wood-terminated flame sear that appends a smoky flavor to steak, crustaceans, and fish . L

Long at Peak Hill works on South African and Greek food and was selected the best new eatery in far northward Queensland in 2011. The Asian-and Mediterranean-propelled menu at Nu eatery at Cove is an establishment like an institution.
Only 25 minutes northward of Cairns, this brilliant tropical strip is centered on an esplanade fixed with waving, fragrance melaleuca trees and components boutiques, exhibitions and hair and excellence salons.

Accommodation alternatives extend from top hostel to rental occasion homes. fishing, Reef, rain forest, golf, water games and adventure excursion are all accessible here. make an effort to visit and experience by yourself.Hope you must enjoy.

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Port Douglas: The Allure Of An Excellent Luxury Getaway

Port Douglas is actually a small town in Australia. It is situated in the midst of the two fantastic areas: one is the Daintree River and the other is the Great Barrier Reef. It is amongst the list of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia.

The life in this particular place abounds with excitement as it has quite a few pubs as well as clubs. All the tourists that come here definitely experience the fascinating and the stunning nightlife of this town. You will get to view some live music together with a couple of gambling places also. Besides the incredible nightlife, there are lots of golf courses which can be appreciated with the family members. Many of the fun activities consist of camping, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

The Sunday markets are extremely popular amongst the folks as it is opened on Sundays only and you are likely to get everything from clothing to precious jewelry to ethnic items as well as artworks. You will find the best and also cost effective lodging facilities in this village. The resorts and the hotels offer large rooms and comfy environment. Also, the dining options are huge and so you can take pleasure in lots of food varieties. Lots of water activities are also relished near the seaside.

The peak months of going to Port Douglas are usually in May as well as in September. Even the winter seasons also see plenty of tourists from across the world. Consequently, in case you are still waiting around then just book the tickets right now and visit this destination which is undoubtedly worth seeing.

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